Who I am

Mother. Educator. Innovator. Entrepreneur. Coffee lover.

My Journey

As a graduate of the political science program at Trinity University, I had a passion for politics early on. My journey toward that goal has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, including a graduate degree in school psychology and a career as a school psychologist. Since 2001, I have worked for Judson ISD, Pearsall ISD, and Alamo Heights ISD, in addition to serving as the Interim Director of Testing at The Winston School San Antonio for 5 years. After many years in the public school setting, I finally acted on an idea that I had been thinking about since graduate school. I left the relative safety of the school districts and built something of my own. That idea is Assessment, Intervention, Management, LLC, a company better known as A.I.M. I’m an owner and the Chief Operations Officer for Schools. Together with 3 other school psychologists, we built a company out of the trunks of our cars that now employs 71 people in cities all over Texas, in addition to Las Vegas, NV. It all started with an idea and the passion to turn that idea into a success.

My life in District 10

In my role with A.I.M., I have worked in nearly every school in District 10. There’s no better way to see the struggles in a community than to spend time in a community school. I have lived in Oak Park-Northwood since 2001 with my funny, clever husband Dave, who works as the Dyslexia Assessment Specialist for Alamo Heights ISD. Our two children attend Northwood Elementary and Garner Middle School where we serve on the PTA. You’ll find me busily planning the Northwood Carnival in April and campaigning right up until the election in May.

Creating Change

This school year I returned to my early passion for politics. I began a grass-roots campaign to change what I saw as unfair licensing laws set by the psychology board of Texas. I walked the Capitol and met with staff members of several congressmen and representatives. I then testified before the Sunset Commission, a bi-partisan panel that reviews state agencies and policies. I worked with lobbyists and state representatives to draft a bill addressing the concerns related to psychology licensing in Texas, and I will continue to work toward the success of that bill when it comes up for a vote this summer. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Listening to Ideas,

In looking at my career and my political activities, there is one common thread that best describes what I bring to the role of City Council Member. I act on my ideas and create success through good communication, strong problem-solving skills, and hard work. These are the kind of skills needed for success in any role and I’m excited to say City Council is next on my list.


Having worked in education, as an educator and a private business owner, I’ve learned that the best ideas come from a community of people.


I want to build a strategy for District 10 as a community.  We are a diverse group with many small business owners and property owners. The needs and interests of each member matters and their voices should be heard.  I’ll listen and be accountable to you when you speak up.

The power of one

One person can create change.  If you’re willing to work hard and learn how to solve a problem, you can earn the confidence and respect of leaders and fix the issues important to a community.


I’m always available to chat over coffee or at a local swim meet. If you see me out in the community, I want to meet you and your family. Let’s connect, and it doesn’t even have to be about the election.

How I work

1 I listen. Let me say that again…I listen. Having worked in school districts with a great diversity of families and cultures, I understand the concept of listening first to understand then to be understood.  I want to hear from as many people as I can.  Sometimes that will include a lot of driving or walking for me.  I know everyone has a very busy life so let me come to you. 

2 Once I’ve listened, I turn that information into an idea.  An idea needs a plan that’s organized, efficient, and realistic. As an innovative leader, I will work with you to build plans that transform our community.

3 I carry ideas through to action. There are so many good plans that fail at this critical execution phase. Good ideas aren’t enough. Yes, you have to have the courage to implement new ideas but you also have to have the leadership and stamina to carry that idea through to realization.