Priorities for District 10

There are so many important issues that face our great city.  You have emailed me, stopped me at school or on the street, and expressed your concerns as I met you when walking door-to-door.  I  share all of your concerns about property taxes, increasing public utility rates, infrastructure, water regulation, traffic, and crime and safety.  As a city councilwoman, those are all issues that I will be absolutely invested in and participate in to represent your concerns.  As someone who has always looked beyond the obvious, however, I believe there are several more issues that are also important and at the core of many of the challenges we face in our city.  I plan to use my knowledge and experience to address these concerns and look toward finding solutions for all of San Antonio.


Our schools are at the heart of our community.  When schools are safe and supported, they attract high quality teachers who provide a superior education to their students.


Well-prepared students work hard and earn good jobs, which creates successful businesses.  When local businesses thrive they help fuel a more robust local economy, which leads to a vibrant community.


A healthy city leads to more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurism, creating competition that brings new businesses to our city, and contributes to a culture that sets the standard for stability and happiness.


Our kids

Community schools are at the heart of our city and supporting schools with public resources is imperative to their success.  I will advocate for the funding of anti-bullying programs, teen suicide prevention, and support for local organizations.


Our community

Homelessness presents an ethical responsibility, a safety concern, and a financial dilemma for our city.  We have approximately 3,000 homeless people in San Antonio.  HUD is investing $11 billion in mandatory spending and $2.8 billion in discretionary spending for targeted homeless assistance in the U.S.  I will use my knowledge and experience to help with better budgeting of those funds, and to provide support for the Impact Teams led by SAPD, as well as SARAH.  My goal is to increase available and appropriate housing for San Antonio children caught in the grasp of homelessness.

Research has shown that disability awareness and understanding reduces punitive action against our most vulnerable citizens.  I will work with SAPD and SAFD to provide the training and professional development our first responders need to work with our citizens with disabilities.  I will also advocate for funding for post-graduation programs for adults with special needs.


Supporting innovation

To meet the demands of our growing population, I embrace innovation in technology, infrastructure, and transportation.  I will contribute to committees assigned to develop plans in these areas, representing the consensus input of the residents of District 10.

One of my mantras is “shop local, buy local, eat local.”  I support entrepreneurs and farmers, and I believe that investing in our local businesses is critical to encourage economic growth at the local level.

Next Steps...

And now I need your help. Big ideas require community leaders who can turn those ideas into action.  Let me know if you'd like to join me as a I walk door to door to meet the voters of District 10.  Election day is May 6th and early voting begins on April 24th.  Please show up and exercise your right to vote.